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(jap. 百合, dt. „Lilie“) ist ein Wort aus dem japanischen Jargon, um Inhalte zu bezeichnen, in denen die Liebe zwischen Frauen, eine lesbische Beziehung, im Mittelpunkt steht. Ebenso bezeichnet es ein Genre in den japanischen Medien (Manga. Fast jeder kennt Animes des "Yuri"-Genres. Manche mögen solche Serien und andere wiederum weniger. Heute präsentieren wir euch die Top 10 besten. Doch welcher „Yuri“-Anime ist der Beliebteste? Dieser spannenden Frage ist nun das „Akiba Research Institute“ nachgegangen und startete. Wir stellen euch drei großartige Yuri-Anime vor! In den letzten Jahren entwickelte sich das Yuri-Genre immer mehr aus seinem Nischen-Dasein. Anime gibt es für jeden Geschmack und jede Zielgruppe. Eins der verschiedenen Genre sind Yuri-Anime, also Titel, die eine Liebesbeziehung.

Yuri Anime

Suchergebnis auf alekto.co für: yuri anime. Anime gibt es für jeden Geschmack und jede Zielgruppe. Eins der verschiedenen Genre sind Yuri-Anime, also Titel, die eine Liebesbeziehung. Wir stellen euch drei großartige Yuri-Anime vor! In den letzten Jahren entwickelte sich das Yuri-Genre immer mehr aus seinem Nischen-Dasein.

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Passend dazu hat das Akiba Learn more here Institute eine Umfrage unter japanischen Animefans durchgeführt und dabei nach ihren favorisierten Yuri-Serien gefragt. Ob euer Favorit ins Ranking geschafft hat, erfahrt ihr im Folgenden. Cookies erleichtern die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. You have entered an incorrect email address! Damit ihr bei all den Meldungen nicht den Überblick verliert, haben wir die wichtigsten News des Tages geordnet und übersichtlich für…. Inline Feedbacks.

The story is about them conquering all the troubles of high school life while also slowly trying to reconnect with each other.

This is a very curious yuri anime. In it, everyone is a form of gender-neutral until they turn 17, in which they must choose their permanent gender.

So it follows the tale of these young pilots who are gender-neutral, but mostly feminine in nature and have grown into female puberty to some extend during their neutral-ness.

She says she prefers the cute, shy, and feminine type. The problem is that her best friend secretly has a crush on her, but she is definitely not cute, shy, or very feminine.

While, yes, it is a mostly unrequited love story, it is also a story about how the shared experiences can help strengthen each person.

Being gay in a Japanese high school or otherwise life is isolating, and this story depicts that as they discover other gay students and form a club to help strengthen each other.

Of course it has the comedy that goes with that distinct sub-genre, but they also threw some yuri in. The yuri is much more substantial in the second season where it explores more of the relationships and a big dollop of jealousy is thrown into the mix.

You know those cute animal videos people love where a dog and a cat end up as cuddle buddies? Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is like those videos in anime form.

Nekoyama is a shy tsudere that loves dogs. Inugami is a friendly, albeit masochistic girl that loves cats. They meet and develop feelings, but while Inugami is overwhelming with affection, Nekoyama is always bashful.

As a short episode anime, the episodes are only 3-minutes long, but it conveys a lot of its fluffy plot without stopping for any filler.

After her grandmother dies and she is left alone in the world, Kana moves into a newspaper carrier as a live-in delivery girl.

However, her room has a hole in it that her co-workers use frequently to let themselves in. Who says that imouto love needs to be straight?

However, it is one of those romance series where there is ten tons of teasing and you just want to reach into the screen and pop those two heads together so they would actually kiss already.

This series has no qualms about what it wanted to be. It follows a high school girl that gets kidnapped and is stranded on an island. She meets another fellow castaway that kisses her and uses her arousal to turn her into a weapon.

From there on, the two fight and form friendships with other lady duos. There are many kisses and much naughtiness to be had.

There is some debate as to whether this relatively new yuri anime is trash, a masterpiece, or wonderful trash. It is certainly one of the more graphic yuri anime series out there if that is what you are looking for without it being full-on hentai, but it is actually pretty sad too.

In NTR, two best friends with boyfriends end up cuckolding their boyfriends with each other. However, one side of this relationship has suffered emotional and physical abuse, and as such, abuse begets abuse throughout the series.

I think the cucking makes people most uncomfortable possibly all that shiny, shiny girlflesh, too , but underneath there is a surprisingly emotionally complex story.

Strawberry Panic is the yuri anime plot you always secretly wanted. It follows a new transfer student to an all-girls Catholic school.

While the main character tries to quietly live out school life, she and this school queen get to know each other, and with her help confront their troubled pasts.

It is a treasure, a real gem, especially since new anime series use moe to convey adorable these days.

The Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is a fickle show. It starts off kind of bland, but actually gets better the more you watch of it.

The premise is that two normal schoolmates have to become shrine maidens of the sun and moon to fight the evil orochi.

However, one orochi is a childhood friend or one girl, and it makes them rethink their sacred battle. The yuri relationship is pretty on point and you also get some okay mech battles too.

I always get myself involved with my classmate, Kawamura Reo. Reo is pretty short and has silky hair In short, she's cute.

But sometimes, she can be really obstinate. I'm trying to do my best to get her to get along with the rest of the class, but since we're both headstrong we always end up fighting.

It's so frustrating, especially since she can't do anything without me around! But whenever I talk to her, Reo always acts like I'm bothering her.

I wonder if she hates me But then, just when I got all depressed Reo came up to me and told me, "You've got it all wrong!

I love you, Mai! I love you so much! Could it be that I'm in love with Reo too?! Source: DLsite. Studio 9 MAiami 6 eps.

Seemingly all of the girls want to have sex with him because the school only recently started admitting male students.

Takuro seems like a normal student, but what the girls later realize when they try to take advantage of him is that he has a secret.

Takuro has an "Ultimate Sex Power" that becomes the focus of St. Arcadia's sexual power struggle. OVA - Apr 11, Comedy Hentai Romance Yuri.

Ten years ago, Shinobu Handa and Momoko Naitou met on a playground and became friends. Before their separation, they shared a kiss and a promise that they would see each other again.

Years later, Shinobu still remembers that vow, but Momoko has forgotten it. Now the two attend the same school.

However, their personalities are complete opposites. Shinobu is a delinquent collecting a string of lovers, but Momoko is a serious student and a member of the disciplinary committee.

Shinobu uses her flirtatious nature to try to make Momoko rediscover the bond and feelings they once shared. Various stories of love and lust envelop Momoko and Shinobu's lives.

Can these two find their way back to one another? OVA - Jul 25, Studio 9 MAiami 2 eps. Akane Niimura is bored with her high school experience.

Despite wanting to be a part of the Futa Club, Akane is actually an ordinary girl. Akane is more than willing, but will she be able to pass the entrance exam?

OVA - Feb 21, A relaxing vacation at the Manra Valley onsen is just what the members of the Futabu, or Futanari Club, signed up for.

Officially, their goal is to research the harvest festival native to the area for a high school project.

Unofficially, they're there to have a little fun, and the springs are an aphrodisiac OVA - Feb 20, Comedy Parody Ecchi Fantasy Yuri.

According to the official Hobby Japan website, an unaired episode of Bikini Warriors will be bundled with the Blu-ray volume to be released on December 9th, Source: Hobby Japan.

Special - Dec 9, TAKI Corporation 4 eps. Ecchi Yuri. BD Specials. Special - Jul 6, Sequel to Futabu!! OVA - Jun 26, Arms 2 eps.

Hentai Yuri. Kenichi and several of his friends stay after school to look at a new archaeological find, a bizarre looking mirror.

Suddenly, the entire building is transported to an alternate dimension and a magic field surrounds it to prevent them from escaping.

Also, their minds have switched to other people's bodies. The only way to switch bodies is when their sexual emotions are high.

Kenichi must find a way to return everything back to normal before the dimension falls apart. Source: ANN. OVA - Dec 21, Harem Hentai School Yuri.

The main character, Tatsuya Tagami, has an ambition of World Conquest, and the first step of his plan is to make every female classmate pregnant.

Unfortunately, his dream is rather impossible in his all-boys school. Hence, he transfers himself to the newly reorganized Hakuka Co-Ed Academy, which was previously an all-girls school.

OVA - Oct 27, Watch Video Ice. PPM 3 eps. The population decreased to the lowest number ever seen They live huddled in small corners of a world mostly reclaimed by nature.

There are those who accept their inevitable extinction and live a carefree life There are those who try to continue on the race with the help of science It is a society of constant conflict over their differences of principles and policies.

The story takes place in the center of Tokyo. It is one of the places left for them. The conflict over the specimen of "ICE" and the chance it may provide to save humanity begins.

Source: AnimeNfo. OVA - May 25, Kazuya is a high school student. He is forced to move to a school dormitory because his parents have gone abroad on business, and they sold their house before leaving Japan.

But, his school has no boys' dormitory, so he begins to live at a girls' dormitory. One day, he secretly peeks into the school sick-room while girls are under regular physical checkup, and he is surprised at their erotic breasts.

He makes a vow to get their bodies and breasts OVA - Dec 25, Volume 1: A Taste of Honey Eps Although she tries hard, lovely office worker Moe bungles her assignments more often than not.

She'd fare better if she spent more time working and less time playing with the office equipment, but it wouldn't be near as much fun.

Nana's so cute in her maid's outfit that it's easy to see why everyone wants a piece of her. And while domineering Mai is used to being the boss, she's going to discover the joys of humiliation.

A taste will only leave you wanting more, so obey your sweet tooth. Volume 2: Heat Wave Eps Sayaka is trying to be a prim and proper teacher, but every time she steps in front of a classroom she gets hot And turning up the air conditioner isn't going bring her temperature down one bit.

GabTheBag added Citrus. Midna66 added Sakura Trick. Strawberry Panic! Kannazuki no Miko. Sasameki Koto. Candy Boy. Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo.

School idol project When strong willed Honoka finds out that her small school is going to close due to lack of interest she decides to do everything in her power to try and save it.

Seeing the popularity of a new local school's idols she and her two best friends down the harsh path to stardom, in the hopes of raising student applications to meet the required quota, making many mistakes as well as meeting new friends along the way.

Das könnte Sie auch interessieren:. Die Top 10 der emotionalsten Anime-Serien. Was das junge Pärchen jedoch nicht ahnt, ist, dass ihre neue Freundinnen ähnlich vernarrt ineinander sind — ein chaotischer Schulalltag ist vorprogrammiert. Yuzu ist voll im 21sten Jahrhundert angekommen! Interessante Artikel. Falls ihr nun auch mal den animierten Ausflug in die Welt des Yuri wagen möchtet, haben wir drei Tipps für euch versammelt, die euch auf unterschiedliche Art und MГ¤chte Alle Gegen Des Folgen Star Deutsch Die BГ¶sen der freien Liebe zwischen Mädchen näherbringen. Yuri Anime

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CUTEST YURI KISSES IN ANIME! Entsprechend unbegeistert gestaltet sich ihre Reaktion, als ihre Mutter einen neuen Mann heiratet und sie sich von ihrer modernen Schule verabschieden muss, um auf eine traditionelle Mädchen-Akademie zu gehen. Interessante Artikel. Langweiligste Yuri-Animes. Dabei merkten sie an, dass manche Yuri Anime Serien normalerweise nicht als Yuri-Serie bezeichnet werden — so besitzen einige source leichte Yuri-Elemente. Beliebte Themen. Nackt frischgebackene Oberschülerin Yuu ist ordentlich verwirrt — denn obwohl ihr am letzten Tag der Mittelschule ein Junge aus ihrer Klasse Ice Age Kostenlos Anschauen Liebesgeständnis gemacht hat, hat sich nicht ein Hauch von Gefühlen in dem Shoujo-Manga-begeisterten Mädchen geregt. Verstanden Datenschutzerklärung. Jamez - 9. Animefans wählen die beliebteste Yuri-Serie. Aoi Hana Bloom into You Yuri Kuma Arashi. alekto.co › yuri-anime › rh=i:aps,k:yuri anime. Suchergebnis auf alekto.co für: yuri anime. Suchergebnis auf alekto.co für: yuri anime. Anime 3f2. Lieferung bis Montag, Juni. GRATIS Versand durch Amazon.

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Yuri anime hot Letzte Kommentartoren. Faszination Boys Love. Sumikai berichtet über die gesamte Bandbreite von Japan. Sasameki Koto habe ich auch schon gesehen. Damit ihr bei all den Meldungen nicht den Überblick verliert, haben https://alekto.co/filme-gucken-stream/drei-ist-einer-zuviel.php die wichtigsten News des Tages geordnet und übersichtlich für…. Cookies erleichtern die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Wie uns der Streaming-Service Netflix auf…. Attack on Titan Staffel 3: Zweites Volume vorbestellbar. Citrus und Bloom into you haben es imo nicht verdient, in Martyrs Film TOP 10 zu kommen. In den letzten Jahren entwickelte sich das Yuri-Genre immer mehr aus seinem Nischen-Dasein heraus und konnte so manchen Hit zustande bringen. Kommentieren Sie den Artikel Antwort abbrechen. Takuro has an "Ultimate Sex Power" that becomes the focus of St. Comedy Ecchi Yuri. Have Br Mediathek Filme consider story is about them conquering all the troubles of high school life while also slowly Yuri Anime to reconnect with each. It follows two seemingly unrelated female assassins that are both pursued by the same Illuminati group. Source: DLsite. Yuri assassins? Include genres selected Exclude genres selected. Combine 5 years of freelance writing with 15 years of anime fandom, and the result Baywatch Kritik a site that is https://alekto.co/filme-gucken-stream/zdf-kudamm-59.php more interesting to browse than your average news and episode recap anime site. OVA - Oct 25, OVA - Dec 18, Yuri Anime

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